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National Account Manager | Global Business Unit
P: 954.547.7979

Lamb Weston is proud to be the supplier to Denny’s for French Fries, Seasoned Fries, Skillet potatoes and Kettle Chips.

Wayne Johnson

President720 Minidoka Avenue
Burley, ID 83318
P: 208.679.2500

We offer booths, chairs, tables, cabinet work, including cash counters, podiums, partition walls, wall panels, wainscot, and crown molding manufactured to Denny’s specifications.

John Lewis

424 Church St. Suite 2500, PO Box 198615
Nashville, TN 37219
P: 615.259.1366
F: 615.259.1389

DFA Advisory Counsel. Focuses on franchise / distribution law.

David Bustetter

National Chain Accounts Sales Director, Southeast
300 Madison Ave,
Toledo, OH 43699
P: 419-973-1521

John Martin

Southeast Regional Manager, Remote Sales
300 Madison Ave,
Toledo, OH 43699
P: 281-655-5191

Libbey is a fully integrated tabletop provider in glassware, dinnerware and metalware.

Matthew Little

P: 480.966.9449

PWe are a full service insurance agency specializing in liability, property, umbrella, work comp, and EPLI for restaurant franchisees.

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