The DFA is highly recognized throughout all franchisee communities as being one of the most solid, reputable, well organized and administered associations in the industry. We offer more to our members than any other association of its kind.

Whether you’re an Allied Partner or Franchisee, joining the DFA is the best way to stay informed, have access to the latest contacts, and market directly to your audience.


Denny’s is America’s diner. This is where guests have come for over 60 years now to sit back, relax and enjoy delicious, hearty meals 24/7, every day of the year. From breakfast anytime to satisfying lunches and dinners, if you’re in the mood for it, chances are we’re serving it. Denny’s is always open, always welcoming and always serving up hearty diner food along with a mug of fresh hot coffee. So come on in anytime, park yourself in a comfortable booth, take a seat at the counter, whatever you want, because it won’t take you long to understand why we’re truly America’s diner.

As Denny’s Franchisees, we are crucial to Denny’s success; we deliver the Brand’s value directly to the customer. As one of only a handful of brands that command instant recognition in virtually every part of the nation, a half-a-million customers in this country place their trust in Denny’s every day – trusting us to provide them with food of a high standard, quick service and value for the money.

Franchising is not for everyone though – to operate a Denny’s franchisee you have to make a personal commitment to run the business, day in, day out, for years. It’s no surprise then that the job is only for those individuals with a demonstrated ability to lead and manage people, good common business sense, and a track record of success in whatever they are doing. Becoming a Denny’s franchisee is not a license to print money, but the rewards are undoubtedly there for the earning.


Harold Butler and Richard Jezak opened a donut stand in 1953 and called it Danny’s Donuts. Butler’s stated promise was “To serve the best cup of coffee, make the best donuts, give the best service, offer the best value and stay open 24 hours a day.” Today that donut stand is a restaurant chain with a slightly different name, over 1,700 locations and a proven reputation for keeping Mr. Butler’s original promise.

Everyone knows Denny’s – we’re one of the world’s top brands. We’re a world leader in the food service business and we didn’t get here by accident.

Franchisees taking the helm

In 1988 the Denny’s Franchisee Council was established to give the members, a direct connection with Denny’s corporate. Through this council, members were given a voice with which to communicate with the corporate organization. The Denny’s Franchisee Council (FAC) ceased to exist in November of 1997 when it declared it’s independence from the Corporate Sponsorship and became the Denny’s Franchisee Association (DFA).

Today, the DFA provides a wide variety of benefits to enhance your operation and keep you current on industry issues. Our annual convention provides an important meeting place to receive invaluable information regarding legal issues, marketing expertise and business opportunities. There is no other event that brings Denny’s Franchise members, supplier partners and corporate management together at one time.
As members of the DFA, you are part of an even more powerful cooperative family working toward the common good. Together, we make “The Denny’s Difference.”

Our Mission

  • Communicate with a united voice between association members and Denny’s management for the purpose of enhancing profitability of DFA member restaurants.
  • Promote communications among association members for the purpose of gathering information and concerns from individual franchisees and disseminating profitable business practices.
  • Negotiate prices and programs with third party suppliers for the benefit of DFA members.


  • Conduct business in a manner that is always honest and forthright.
  • Make decisions based upon the long-term best interests of the continuing economic and financial soundness of the DFA.
  • Uphold our promises and commitments in the services the DFA delivers.


  • Seek to understand and anticipate the needs of our members and provide the products and services that reflect those needs.
  • Instill and promote the value of teamwork and cooperation to a common vision.

Excellence (Service)

  • Demand high expectations of ourselves and those we partner with by delivering timely, innovative and exceptional levels of service to members.
  • Attract and retain staff who are committed to the pursuit of excellence.
  • Continuously assess, anticipate the future and strategically plan and deliver innovative products and services for the mutual benefit of our members.


  • Strive to be member-driven by providing services which meet and exceed member expectations.
  • Foster and nurture mutually beneficial relationships between board, staff, members and the community at large.
  • Foster open and productive cooperation and communication among ourselves and other affiliates of the system.
  • Provide a professional working environment based on trust and teamwork.

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