Mission Statement

“The Denny’s Franchisee Association’s mission is to unite all our restaurant owners and supplier allied partners worldwide to advance and protect our interests.”

Our Mission

  • Communicate with a united voice between association members and Denny’s management for the purpose of enhancing profitability of DFA member restaurants.
  • Promote communications among association members for the purpose of gathering information and concerns from individual franchisees and disseminating profitable business practices.
  • Negotiate prices and programs with third party suppliers for the benefit of DFA members.


  • Conduct business in a manner that is always honest and forthright.
  • Make decisions based upon the long-term best interests of the continuing economic and financial soundness of the DFA.
  • Uphold our promises and commitments in the services the DFA delivers.


  • Seek to understand and anticipate the needs of our members and provide the products and services that reflect those needs.
  • Instill and promote the value of teamwork and cooperation to a common vision.

Excellence (Service)

  • Demand high expectations of ourselves and those we partner with by delivering timely, innovative and exceptional levels of service to members.
  • Attract and retain staff who are committed to the pursuit of excellence.
  • Continuously assess, anticipate the future and strategically plan and deliver innovative products and services for the mutual benefit of our members.


  • Strive to be member-driven by providing services which meet and exceed member expectations.
  • Foster and nurture mutually beneficial relationships between board, staff, members and the community at large.
  • Foster open and productive cooperation and communication among ourselves and other affiliates of the system.
  • Provide a professional working environment based on trust and teamwork.

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