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27702 Crown Valley Parkway D-4 #438
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694
P: 888.433.6697 (888.4.DENNYS)

Sam Wilensky

Chairman of the Board

P: 850.525.2737

Jim Wainwright

Vice Chairman of the Board

P: 303.601.1569

Glenn Beattie

Secretary of the Board

P: 480.722.9196

Dawn Lafreeda

Treasurer of the Board

P: 210.694.0707

Medhat Bechay

Board Member

P: 714.750.3612

Kevin Coveney

Board Member

P: 740.586.2889

Robert Duskin

Board Member

P: 602.248.8223

Bob Gentz

Board Member

P: 480.829.5090

David Kahre

Board Member

P: 630.410.1822 ext 701

Sandeep Shah

Board Member

P: 909.856.3592

Bobby Naicker

Assistant Secretary

P: 604.730.6620

Carl Ferland

Member at Large

Rahul Marwah

Member at Large

Bill Cox

Board Advisor

John Lewis

Board Advisor

Barbara Magro

Executive Director & Meeting Planner

P: 888.433.6697