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Carl Ferland


Fun Facts With Denny’s: Since 1973 - Over 50 years! Been a Franchisee: Since 1994 Owns (or has ownership in): 1 location - Once owned 48! States of locations: FL History First job with Denny’s: Dishwasher All positions held:  Dishwasher, Cook, Unit Aide, Assistant Manager, General Manager, Training  General Manager, District Manager, Operations Coordinator, Sr. Operations Coordinator, Franchisee & DFA Board of Directors

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Mohammed Haque


Fun Facts With Denny’s: Since 2001 Been a Franchisee: Since 2009 Owns (or has ownership in):  7 locations States of locations: CA History First job with Denny’s: Restaurant Manager, Downey, CA All positions held: Restaurant Manager, General Manager, Area training manager, District Manager in Charge

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