With Denny’s: Since 1976
Been a Franchisee: Since 2008
Owns (or has ownership in): 7 locations
States of locations: FL, AL & MS
Other concepts: None

First job with Denny’s: Busser
All positions held: Busser, Asst. Mgr., General Mgr., District Mgr., Franchise Representative, Franchise Region Leader, Franchise Division Leader, VP Franchise Development, Regional VP and Director Operations, Director Franchise Operations, Regional VP Franchise Operations, Divisional VP Franchise Operations, Senior VP Franchise Operations with a stint as Acting Head of Operations, Vice Chairman of the Board, Chairman of the Board

Mohammed Haque
Assistant Secretary

Fun Facts

With Denny’s: Since 2001
Been a Franchisee: Since 2009
Owns (or has ownership in):  7 locations
States of locations: CA


First job with Denny’s: Restaurant Manager, Downey, CA

All positions held: Restaurant Manager, General Manager, Area training manager, District Manager in Charge
Tim Flemming
Board Advisors
John Lewis
Board Advisors