Executive Team

Meet The Team

Sam Wilensky

Chairman of the Board

5879 Dahoon Drive
Pensacola, FL 32526

With Denny’s: Since 1976
Been a Franchisee: Since 2008
Owns (or has ownership in): 7 locations
States of locations: FL, AL & MS
Other concepts: None

First job with Denny’s: Busser
All positions held: Busser, Asst. Mgr., General Mgr., District Mgr., Franchise Representative, Franchise Region Leader, Franchise Division Leader, VP Franchise Development, Regional VP and Director Operations, Director Franchise Operations, Regional VP Franchise Operations, Divisional VP Franchise Operations, Senior VP Franchise Operations with a stint as Acting Head of Operations, Vice Chairman of the Board, Chairman of the Board

Rocky Mountain Hospitality
P: 303.601.1569

With Denny’s: Since 1978
Been a Franchisee: Since 2013
Owns (or has ownership in): 3 locations
States of locations: CO
Other concepts: None

First job with Denny’s: Cook
All positions held: Cook, Assistant Manager, General Manager, District Manager, Operations Coordinator, Regional Director – Company, Franchise Business Leader, Franchise Regional Leader, Regional VP of Company & Franchise Operations, VP of Franchise Operations Domestic & International, Vice Chairmanof the Board

Jim Wainwright

Vice Chairman of the Board

Glenn Beattie

Secretary of the Board

Top Line Restaurants, Inc.
3170 S. Gilbert Rd, Suite 1
Chandler, AZ 85286
P: 480.722.9196

With Denny’s: Since 1990
Been a Franchisee: Since 2004
Owns (or has ownership in): 14 locations

States of locations: NY
Other concepts: Corner Bakery Cafe, Bahama Bucks

First job with Denny’s: Assistant Manager

All positions held: Assistant Manager, General Manager, Area Director, VP of Operations, Franchisee, & Secretary of the Board

Den-Tex Central, Inc.
5839 Sebastian Pl, Suite 102
San Antonio, TX 78249
P: 210.694.0707

With Denny’s: Since 1977
Been a Franchisee: Since 1986
Owns (or has ownership in): 75 locations
States of locations: TX, KS, MO, IL, OK & AR
Other concepts: None

First job with Denny’s: Hostess
All positions held: Hostess, Server, Trainer, Franchisee, & Treasurer of the Board

Dawn Lafreeda

Treasurer of the Board

Board Members

Kevin Coveney

Board Member

Retro Concepts LLC
PO Box 89
New Concord, Ohio 43762-0089

With Denny’s: Since 2002
Been a Franchisee: Since 2002
Owns (or has ownership in): 2 locations
States of locations: OH
Other concepts: A&W, Noble Roman’s, Tastee Freez, Holiday Inn

First job with Denny’s: Franchisee
All positions held: Franchisee, DFA Legal Committee, OPS BAC, & Board of Directors

Lion’s Den Management LLC
2126 West Indian School Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85015
P: 602.248.8223

With Denny’s: Since 1986
Been a Franchisee: Since 2007
Owns (or has ownership in): 6 locations
States of locations: AZ
Other concepts: I do work for Del Taco, Auntie Annes, Wienerschnitzel, Bojangles, Great Harvest Bread Company, Chronic Taco’s, & Corner Bakery.

First job with Denny’s: CPA
All positions held: I became a Board Advisor before becoming a Board Member after the first DFA Board Meeting in 1997. I have also served as CPA.

Robert Duskin

Board Member

Bob Gentz

Board Member

Mountain Range Restaurants
825 S. 48th St.
Tempe, AZ 85281
P: 480.829.5090

With Denny’s: Since 1988
Been a Franchisee: Since 1989
Owns (or has ownership in): 31 locations
States of locations: AZ, ID, OR & UT
Other concepts: Wendy’s & CiCi’s Pizza

All positions held: I originally worked for Wendy’s International, Inc as a regional director for company and franchised restaurants. I then joined the CNL Investment Company and spent the next nine years working with franchisees and franchisors on growth initiatives involving acquisitions, development, financing and operations. I also worked very closely with Denny’s executive management staff on franchise initiatives.

Pride Restaurants LLC
7627 W 95th St.
Hickory Hills, IL 60586
P: 630.410.1822 ext 701

With Denny’s: Since 1991
Been a Franchisee: Since 2007
Owns (or has ownership in): 14 locations
States of locations: IL and IN
Started In: N. California

First job with Denny’s: General Manager
All positions held: General Manager, Market Training Manager, Food Safety Specialist, Area Manager, Managing Partner, Regional Director of Operations, Sr. Regional Director of Operations, Vice President of Operations, Franchisee & Board of Directors.

David Kahre

Board Member

Rahul Marwah

Board Member

Denco Family, Inc.
15051 Leffingwell Rd, Suite 201
Whittier, CA 90604
P: 562.270.0674

With Denny’s: Since 1998
Been a Franchisee: Since 2004
Owns (or has ownership in): 24 locations
States of locations: CA, NY
Other concepts: 7-Eleven, Subway, Popeyes, Marriott, Choice Hotels, Hilton & IHG Hotels

First job with Denny’s: Server
All positions held: Server, Night Manager, General Manager, Area Manager, Franchisee, & Board of Directors

S&S Restaurant Ventures, LLC
9481 Haven Ave, Suite 120
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Sandeep Shah

Board Member

Assistant Secretaries to the DFA Board

Medhat Bechay

Assistant Secretary


Leonardo Nahas

Assistant Secretary


Board Advisors

Bill Cox

Board Advisor


John Lewis

Board Advisor


Association Management Team

Barbara Magro

Association Director & Meeting Planner