2020 California Franchisee Summit Sponsor 
The Advantage Equipment family wants to reach out to all the Denny’s owners & operators and express our heartfelt wishes that this note finds you safe. We are looking forward to the day you open your restaurants to the thousands of families who look forward to the Denny’s experience. The saying “Welcome to Denny’s” will take on a special meaning for all of us and hopefully in the not too distant future.
The realization of COVID-19 has finally set in. Many of us who have been part of the Denny’s family remember the challenges of the past, high interest rates, a crashing real estate market, and a failing banking system and none of that compares to the challenges of COVID-19.
For over 35 years Steve Ward and his companies have been there to support the needs of the Denny’s franchise community and we have overcome challenges before by working with “The Power of One”. I made the decision at the start to keep my office and the stainless factory open and provided my employees with all PPE to keep them safe at work.
Advantage Equipment Sales has maintained its stock of all Denny’s equipment. We have anything you may need as you begin to reopen, and I most likely have it in stock and will be able to pass on equipment at my lowest possible cost with no credit card fees. I have met with my stainless-steel crew and millwork partners, and together we are offering the lowest prices possible for all orders for the foreseeable future. 
Never before has the Latin saying “E pluribus Unum – “Out of many, we are one”, and Denny’s moto “The Power of One” been more true.
We welcome the opportunity to continue to serve you keeping in mind that a safe and sanitary environment will be top in mind for all of my employees.
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